Young sprouts learning and growing.

Photo credit: Life Tips Now

Christ The King in Sydney’s South West are leading the way to educating students on healthier eating habits by starting a Garden Club in 2017. An article in the PTO Today website states that planting a vegetable garden is one of the top 10 ways in which to help promote healthy eating amongst children.

The Garden Club encourages students to participate, have fun and learn about where their fruit and veggies come from. Meeting twice a week members of the Garden Club engage in gardening herbs, vegetables, flowers and maintain the garden beds.

Keeping the vegetables growing and the flowers blooming during the intense summer period has been no easy task reports the principal in the CTK Newsletter. It was the dedication of both the students and parents of this close-knit school who helped the garden bed thrive. Sophia Chahoud mother of school captain Rebecca Chahoud and a regular parent helper at CTK says, “My family helped maintain the garden beds over the holiday break and the kids absolutely loved it. They especially enjoyed picking the herbs and watering the flowers.”

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Vegetables obtained from the garden include pickled zucchinis, tomatoes and eggplants. The Garden Club proudly picked six watermelons from the garden and shared it with all 200 students at CTK, the biggest watermelon weighing in over 8kg. This has stirred a lot of excitement at the school with Jarom Collins a student at CTK exclaiming, “the watermelons were delicious and I can’t wait until the others grow”.

Gardening has many benefits which include teaching the children about co-operation, healthy eating, and not to mention keeping them outdoors and away from those dreaded electronic devices. More schools need to jump on board and be apart of the solution to a healthier greener future for our children.

Video credit: Youtube Benefits of School Gardens


By: Monica Fainu


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